2020 Election Winners – Democrats Representing Orange

James Maroney – State Senator District 14

Mary Welander – State Representative District 114

Rosa DeLauro – Representative in Congress District 3

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Orange Town Officials – Democrats


About the Orange Democratic Town Committee

The Orange Democratic Town Committee (ODTC) is a group of Orange residents who serve our community in a variety of ways. Some members are elected, others are appointed, yet all are volunteers who want to be involved in the governance and betterment of our town, state, and national government. Together, we work to support and elect qualified, experienced and dedicated Democratic candidates.

There are many ways to engage in the political process – volunteer on a campaign, make a financial contribution, attend an event, join us at a meeting, or help on Election Day at the polls. You may even decide to run for office!

If you’re curious about who we are and what we do, the first thing to know is that the ODTC is a very welcoming group, we work hard and have fun while doing so. We’re always open to new ideas and new faces.

Most importantly, please REGISTER and VOTE! It is our right and our obligation. If you have any questions about voting in Orange or the ODTC, please contact me.

Jody and Jeffrey Dietch

Thank you,
Jody Dietch, Town Chair